Our Trumpf TruBend 5130 and LVD PPEB 130/30 CNC Pressbrakes have a bending capacity of 130 tonnes x 3000mm and are equipped with multi axis back gauges and front programable sheet supports.





Automated Folding

SMF’s Salvagnini P4 Lean Folding Cell can handle sheets up to 3000mm x 1500mm which allows for the fast and repeatable processing of folded panels avoiding the need for manual handling. It uses universal bending tools which automatically adapt in-cycle to the panel geometry, without machine down times or manual re-tooling, allowing batch-one or kit production. The integrated adaptive technologies make the system intelligent and able to automatically adapt to changes in the material and the external environment, eliminating waste and corrections.






Robot Folding

Our Trumpf Trubend 7036 Cell Edition Robot pressbrake cell offers automated repeatable folding of blanks up to 500mm x 380mm and includes automated tool changing and parts sorting. For parts which are prone to scratching these can be sorted direct to the conveyor belt for individual removal.














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